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The Naga Prince

The Serpents and the Porcupine by Yoko Mitsuhashi

The Serpents and the Porcupine by Yoko Mitsuhashi

The Naga Prince is just one of 38 Thai folktales included in this new edition that editor Kermit Krueger gathered in Northeastern Thailand fifty years ago.

Originally published as “The Serpent Prince” in 1969, this new edition includes additional folktales from Mr. Krueger’s original research and organized the tales by time and location.

They begin with the most ancient legends going back to the times of the Khmer Empire (700-1,300 AD) and even beyond to prehistoric times.

The next three sections explore the folk tales of Isan, beginning in the north in Loei and Nong Kai, traveling to the central region of Mahasarakham, Roi Et and Khon Kaen, and then going to the southern towns of Surin and Pimai, where ancient temples still stand.

Title Location
The Serpents And The Porcupine Ping and Moon Rivers
The Temple of the Four Friends
The Odd Disappearance
of Prince Bantud


The Tree that Grew a City Khon Kaen 


The Treachery of the Lion Prince Kantarawichai 


Return of the Brother Phimai 


How Pimai Temple was Built Pimai
The Naga Prince Pimai
The Black Pool Loei 


Yai the Hunter and the Sacred Deer 


Bell Mountain, Loei 


Yai and the Rice Spirits Loei 


The Twin Tales of Tao To 


Nong Bualamphu, Udon หนองบัวลำภู
Princess Phen
and the Four Foolish Ministers
Phen เพ็ญ, Udon Thani อุดรธานี
Tar-Sa’s Luck Kalasin 


The Many Children
of Mr. And Mrs. Twelve


The Little Priest of Mahasarakam 


Chiang Yuen เชียงยืน 



The Pet Crocodile of Mit and Mut Takonyang, ท่าขอนยาง 



Nang Yai
The Girl Who Weaves By Night


Nang Yai Mahasarakham 

นางใย มหาสารคาม

Jungle of the Giants 


Phayakkhaphum Phisai 


Beloved Baby River Village of Don Nong, just up the Chi river from Takonyang
The Girl Who Wore Too Much 


Kamalasai (south part of Kalasin province) 


The Friendless Pavilion Roi-Et ร้อยเอ็ด
The Blind Man Who Could See 


Roi-Et ร้อยเอ็ด
Yama and the Horse Race Challenge 


Lake Yama, Roi-Et
Sumlee’s Broken Stick “Muangtong” AKA Roi-Et
The Plain of the Trader Who Cried Roi-Et 


The Spirit Drum 


Selapum, Roi-Et 

เสลภูมิ    ร้อยเอ็ด

Pibaaboon’s Mountain of Gold 


Selapum, Roi-Et 

เสลภูมิ    ร้อยเอ็ด

Monsalai and the Golden Dowry Selapum, Roi-Et 

เสลภูมิ    ร้อยเอ็ด

The Little Sticky Rice Basket 


Tard Tong, Ubon Ratchathani อุบลราชธานี
The Lesson of Mango Mountain 




The Twin Hills of Ta Tum Ta Tum, Surin 


Mun River


The Woman Who Saved Korat
Siengmieng, The Minister 


Bau’s Pool Muangnam เมืองน้ำ 


Two Friends
The Legend of Seven Golden Flowers Si Khoraphum ปราสาทศีขรภูมิ
The Hunter and the Tigress
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